Friends & Services

We dedicate this section to the many different people and organizations that lovingly contribute to Blameless in various different ways.

We at Blameless find ourselves so very fortunate to have so many like minded friends who have recognized our bountiful purpose and cause coupled with the aims and vision that Blameless has in mind for the kids of alcoholics & addicts in the future.

First of all we would like to thank all of our trustee’s and members who give up the valuable time and dedicate themselves to giving general direction as to where blameless is actually heading in the future.

Also a special thank you to our volunteers who dedicate countless hours of their own time and for the passion and commitment they show whilst facilitating the groups coupled with effort they put into the re-shaping of new group work for the good of the children of blameless.

Pro Signs      0141 774 7094

logo  Tel: 0141 646 3770

vPymwHxe Tel: 0141 945 2222

life-skills-logo Tel: 01698 456800 Tel: 01698 368650

455px-Hamilton_Academical_FC_logo.svgHamilton Academical FC Community Trust SCO38553

01698 368650 ext

m-and-ds-logo_608x376 Tel:01698 333777

kjm1 Tel: 0141 3535000


logo (1) Tel: 01698 426882


nevis-15 Tel: 08450754044

gbslogo Tel: 01236 707400

Deadline Day Transfers-

Shedman Web Logo Tel: 0141 613 1333

scotchwhiskyauctions-trans Scotch Whiskey Auctions– 0141 243 2585

logo (2) Tel: 0141 2850910

Scotia aid logo  Tel: 01698 740041

images Tel: 0141 336 72 72

Contact Reach-


spice of life Tel: 01698 459961

redhouse-logo-111046 Tel 01506 632666

head-logo Tel: 0141 4040134